This is a 3d-scan of the Lab for digital transformation and entrepreneurship Lab4DTE The scan itself was made by Marvin Kratzert. I have worked together with the lab to enrich the scan with useful content such as video and pdf.

Social Education Office 3D-Realtime Environment

Grand Desk

This environment is created for real-time use in VR It is intended to be used in training social work students, utilizing a dialog system. This first iteration is targeting an RTX 3070 but the environment is also made to be able to scale down for use on lighter machines, phones, and standalone VR headsets. Every… Social Education Office 3D-Realtime Environment weiterlesen

K-Building photogrammetry and scan

The entire clip was rendered in Toolbag

This Project was made for the department of didactics @rwu. It was shown during the University FutureFestival. Alongside a so called LightningTalk by Jochen T Weißenrieder. An alternative version of the clip showcases multiple posters which were shown in the presentation. Composition and blending were accomplished with Hitfilm Pro. Multiple renders from toolbag were combined… K-Building photogrammetry and scan weiterlesen

Circle Packaging

This one is based on @coding trains challenge #50.1 Circle Packaging I mainly added the interpretion of an image, the color at the center position for each circle becomes its entire color. The rest was done in Substance Designer, some quick wood veneer was done and height added.

Space Colonization

It was made utilizing @the.coding.train’s Coding Challenge #17 Fractal Trees – Space Colonization I followed the video and extended the code with a mask input to fit to 3D objects uvs and a generation system which I mapped the generation to the alpha value. I sculpted a basic leaf in zbrush, baked the normals map… Space Colonization weiterlesen

Project 1 Soldier

Organic base body sculpt in Zbrush Cloth Patterns created in Marvellous Designer Simulated cloth exports triangulated from Marvellous (with great UVs) Using Zremesher (Frame Mesh before) one can remesh the 2D export version of the cloth patterns into quads (losing UVs)