A.I.C Planet

Planet in Substance Designer This was made for game design project (A.I.C you can find it on itch.io) So i made procedural masks and coloring with real world planet maps from solarsystemscope.com (CC 4.0 Licence)I extracted features from the real planet surfaces maps and created one big planet made up of different pieces.Also there are… A.I.C Planet weiterlesen

Space Colonization

It was made utilizing @the.coding.train’s Coding Challenge #17 Fractal Trees – Space Colonization I followed the video and extended the code with a mask input to fit to 3D objects uvs and a generation system which I mapped the generation to the alpha value. I sculpted a basic leaf in zbrush, baked the normals map… Space Colonization weiterlesen

Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Height Segmentation via Substance Designer This one is another small project building upon a @the.coding.train challenge video #34 Diffusion Limited Aggregation. I played around with the initial seeds and various values including mapping radius/opacity to perlin noise coordinates. And at the end I blurred the scripts output and segmented out layers via histogram scan in… Diffusion Limited Aggregation weiterlesen