This Project was made for the department of didactics @rwu.

It was shown during the University FutureFestival. Alongside a so called LightningTalk by Jochen T Weißenrieder.

An alternative version of the clip showcases multiple posters which were shown in the presentation.

Composition and blending were accomplished with Hitfilm Pro. Multiple renders from toolbag were combined into a sub-comp.

this is how the scan came out of the the Matterport export (the scan itself was done by @marvinkratzert)

Some amount of cleanup and reconstruction was required due to the generated chunky nature of the scan.

In this color plan map, there is all the stuff visible that was removed or reconstructed

The source images for the photogrammetry part were extracted from 1.7GB of video (recorded with DJI Mavic Pro 2). Every 8th frame was extracted and used in Agisoft Metashape.

The images were resized to 1440p, imported into Metashape.

Ground points were flagged in some images.

A dense point cloud was generated from which the mesh was constructed and textures applied.

A high poly version was exported, polygon amount reduced and albedo texture transferred