Hello there,

I’m currently studying digital media design (B.S.c) at @rwu in Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany.

Additionally, I work there as a 3D-Artist, building environments and CGI clips for the Immersive Learning Lab which is created by the department for higher education.

Previous to the current occupation,
I got professional qualification as „Assistant für Informations- oder Kommunikationstechnik“
which directly translates to IT Assistant regarding information and communication.
These days most of the network and administration stuff happens in the context of a personal hobby(e.g. HomeLab with active directory etc. …).

My primary focus and passion are 3d texturing and modeling. I like sculpting and want to extend my horizon regarding organic and stylized objects.

Another field I’m very interested in is architectural visualization.

Utilizing Maya, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Painter and Mamoset Toolbag 4 or UE4 for realtime environments.

Additional to that I’ve done quite a lot of code (c#, c, js and java) in processing, Arduino, react.js, and unity.

I also acquired some knowledge regarding cloth simulation (Marvellous Designer).