K-Building photogrammetry and scan

The entire clip was rendered in Toolbag

This Project was made for the department of didactics @rwu. It was shown during the University FutureFestival. Alongside a so called LightningTalk by Jochen T Weißenrieder. An alternative version of the clip showcases multiple posters which were shown in the presentation. Composition and blending were accomplished with Hitfilm Pro. Multiple renders from toolbag were combined… K-Building photogrammetry and scan weiterlesen

A.I.C Planet

Planet in Substance Designer This was made for game design project (A.I.C you can find it on itch.io) So i made procedural masks and coloring with real world planet maps from solarsystemscope.com (CC 4.0 Licence)I extracted features from the real planet surfaces maps and created one big planet made up of different pieces.Also there are… A.I.C Planet weiterlesen